The Journey Begins

Ok, so sunday was the day and the boys and I with trailer in tow ventured into the narrow inner Sydney streets to pick up the bike. All went well and we swiftly got out of Dodge, oops I mean Sydney and headed back home to unpack. So far it’s been a wonderful surprise (watch this space *cough cough*) as we have found in our collection of bits.

  1. a brand new chain in the box!
  2. 4-1 System in good nick
  3. new brakepads
  4. the front calipers and lines I thought we were missing and would have to buy
  5. the replacement plastics are new, so will either be used or sold to get more cash to buy ‘new bits’

So onwards and forwards…my son is eagerly reading the workshop manual (maybe he will understand it better than me!) and also sorting a vast collection of nuts, bolts and screws into ‘like’ collections in old icecream containers which will help when looking for that elusive bolt or two!


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