Ushering in a new generation

So my little old blog still lies dormant, but there is a future here, and it’s coming because my now 6 year old son has started to develop a real interest in things mechanical and tinkering, so to that end I think the idea of a project bike or restoration has budgetary approval based on the educational and father-son bonding criteria 😉

To this end I have started to research around what is possible on a low budget and try and establish what I would want to get out of such a project.

  1. Spend time with my son
  2. Teach him what (little) i know about motorbikes and mechanics
  3. Improve my skills – mechanic, fabrication, welding, painting
  4. Create something we can sell to fund another project
  5. Rinse, lather and repeat the above steps 🙂

So to whet the appetite I tend to look at real junkers for sale, and google the make/mode with a simple ‘cafe racer’ extension and have a look at what might be possible.


I think I am drawn to a few of these due to availability of cheap donor bikes and parts

  • Suzuki GSX250
  • Suzuki TS185 – interesting 2 stroke trail to cafe racer conversion
  • Yamaha DT175/250 – as above
  • Honda XL/XR 250 – 4 stroke trail to cafe conversion
  • Suzuki GN185/250

I will add a few before and afters here as I come across them, to keep the ideas and also share them with you!





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