Ushering in a new generation

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So my little old blog still lies dormant, but there is a future here, and it’s coming because my now 6 year old son has started to develop a real interest in things mechanical and tinkering, so to that end I think the idea of a project bike or restoration has budgetary approval based on the educational and father-son bonding criteria 😉

To this end I have started to research around what is possible on a low budget and try and establish what I would want to get out of such a project.

  1. Spend time with my son
  2. Teach him what (little) i know about motorbikes and mechanics
  3. Improve my skills – mechanic, fabrication, welding, painting
  4. Create something we can sell to fund another project
  5. Rinse, lather and repeat the above steps 🙂

So to whet the appetite I tend to look at real junkers for sale, and google the make/mode with a simple ‘cafe racer’ extension and have a look at what might be possible.

I think I am drawn to a few of these due to availability of cheap donor bikes and parts

  • Suzuki GSX250
  • Suzuki TS185 – interesting 2 stroke trail to cafe racer conversion
  • Yamaha DT175/250 – as above
  • Honda XL/XR 250 – 4 stroke trail to cafe conversion
  • Suzuki GN185/250

I will add a few before and afters here as I come across them, to keep the ideas and also share them with you!




A new year….an ember still burns

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Honda-v8-cafe-racer-fun, family, jobs all get in the way of dreams of the project bike (not that I would trade any of it, well maybe work…) but the desire for a project cafe style racer still exists and I will attempt to start re-recording my findings in the hope that I will stumble on that ebay bargain I need – and get get approved by the financial controller and then start…

Came across this today!

Back on 2 wheels!

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Ok, so no it’s not a project bike, but a change in work circumstances has seen me move closer to home and be able to get back into riding, with the aim of both a) getting to work and b) getting back into bikes again from more than a spectator perspective!

So after a lot of searching around and research I kept coming back to Ninja, Ninja, Ninja! My mates had always stuck to their brands and I decided that I should stick to mine as well, my favourite bike had been my GPX750R so looking out for a new Kwaka seemed logical.

After a few painstaking weeks of waiting for the right deal, here she new green meanie (well she’s pink and purple, but you get the idea!)

It’s a Kawasaki ZXR 750 L3, the last of the ZXRs before they went to the more universal ZX7R branding and a redesign.

Happy New Year!

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2011 is here and a little bit of time to have a look around at what kinds of weird and wonderful projects are on the go and share some of my findings. Another year and another family addition (of the two legged, not two wheeled variety) will mean that this is NOT the year that I will begin said ‘project’ but I will do my best to keep up to date with things and as always share my love of motorcycles as best I can, with some inane blogging from myself and some beautful pictures courtesy of the brilliant people designing and working on their dreams every day!

I came across these guys recently…

Similair in a way to the work going on in Sydney at Deus – simple engines and great design….I like these for the post-modern, retro styles.

All of these bikes share the same engine, a Buell® single cylinder, air-cooled, 2-valve, push rod, 492cc, 5-speed ‘Blast’ engine.

With one combustion for every 720° of crankshaft rotation when that cylinder fires. Stock motors produce 34 HP at 6500 RPM but a bolt-on big-bore kit (515 cc), Andrews Cams, a Mikuni HSR 42 carb’, Screamin’ Eagle ignition and a Supertrapp exhaust will produce around 50 HP at 7200 RPM.

There are four models they currently produce, each with their own charm and sense of style. I think my personal favourite is the ‘Spud’ a nice bobber incarnation indeed!

Hope to bring you more crazy, sexy, cool projects and happenings throughout the year, thanks for your continued interest everyone!

All Quiet On The Western Front?!

•August 9, 2010 • 1 Comment

I know that I have been somewhat absent of late with keeping the blog up to date, apologies to any regulars hoping for an update, sadly work has had me too busy to find the time and energy to update. I did however go on my first bike ride in 6 years yesterday (Thanks Mark!!) and loved it, it all came back so naturally (“like riding a bike” I guess you could say) and so I have been achingly reminded of why I started this blog and why I shouldn’t continue to pursuit of a project bike!

In my absence I have had some great comments and following up on one or two led me to the beautiful work being done by another enthusiast over at

So in the absence of any more time to update just now, let me leave you with his link, and also these enticing pics of his KZ400 Build Project!

The Donor Bike - Kawasaki KZ400

And just a few teasers from the great work he has been doing so far, and some of his skills/tips and tricks will definitely be employes by me when the time comes!

Frame Repaint

Custom single cafe racer seat styling and creation, great stuff!!

Custom cafe racer seat design and creation - Great Stuff!

My Kingdom For A Garage

•February 18, 2010 • 4 Comments

Every project of course must need a home, a place to build, a place to store and a place to be at one with the world, zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance 😉

Currently our beautiful first home does not come with a man room, or garage in which I could start a project, so all I can do at this stage is dream and prepare (as with all of my ramblings really) but hopefully you can join me in the admiration of some of the great stuff which exists for kitting out the project garage, as well as some great shots I found of some dream garages and their contents.

One of the key things to consider when building a project bike, or restorations (and even general motorcycle maintenance) is ORGANISATION. Now if you ask my wife, this is NOT one of my best qualities, so I’m going to need some order and structure.

I found some great places online which give me inspiration.

“The Organizer’ from the below site seems like just the ticket for an unorganised soul, a place for everything which may come (fall?) off a bike!

I fear that without something like this, my darling wife’s vision of my garage would not be this:

but rather this 😉

Key to the space will be the storage solutions as mentioned, as well as sufficient bench space and all of the technology required to do a resto or project bike correctly. It would also be nice if it had a style of its own, below I’ve included some great images I have found on the web, enjoy!

Love those Chryslers!

Love the artwork touch!

Functional, but full of class

mmmm, Where did I stick all those vintage motocross bikes again?

Street Fighter Projects

•February 4, 2010 • 1 Comment

The project style of which I am least convinced of is the street fighter style.

Wikipedia defines a streetfighter as: A streetfighter is a superbike that is customized by removing the fairing, and making other changes that result in an overall more aggressive look.

Whilst overall I think that the style itself is open to interpretation and can in many instances be successful and look ‘the goods’ I think the thing that has puts me off somewhat is the tendency to create bikes with unusually raised rear subframes and cowlings. An examples of which I have been quite impressed with besides the tail section.

so much promise...but the tail??? ummmmm...gee I dunno

I think that the more I look at examples the more I can easily talk my way out of it, but then some truly beautiful examples as well and some good commercial examples coming out now which shows the popularity of the concept in the urban environment where people look to stand out from the crowd, and also reduced need for aerodynamics.

A nice BMW example, I would say this crosses the boundary between Streetfighter and Cafe Racer

A popular example is the MV Augusta Brutale....simply beautiful

So it’s a bit of a mixed bag, the more radical styles seem to be adopted by the DIY projects whilst the commercial streetfighter styles tend to blur the lines between streetfighter and cafe racer..something which I think is a little more to my liking and opens up the possibilities of taking a classic cafe racer theme, but with some streetfighter aggressive styling choices for things like pipes, wheels and brakes.