The Journey Begins

Ok, so sunday was the day and the boys and I with trailer in tow ventured into the narrow inner Sydney streets to pick up the bike. All went well and we swiftly got out of Dodge, oops I mean Sydney¬†and headed back home to unpack. So far it’s been a wonderful surprise (watch this […]

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Ushering in a new generation

So my little old blog still lies dormant, but there is a future here, and it’s coming because my now 6 year old son has started to develop a real interest in things mechanical and tinkering, so to that end I think the idea of a project bike or restoration has budgetary approval based on […]

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Back on 2 wheels!

Ok, so no it’s not a project bike, but a change in work circumstances has seen me move closer to home and be able to get back into riding, with the aim of both a) getting to work and b) getting back into bikes again from more than a spectator perspective! So after a lot […]

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Happy New Year!

2011 is here and a little bit of time to have a look around at what kinds of weird and wonderful projects are on the go and share some of my findings. Another year and another family addition (of the two legged, not two wheeled variety) will mean that this is NOT the year that […]

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